Constructing an Angle With a Protractor

To construct an angle using a protractor, follow the procedure
listed below.

You will need a protractor and a pencil.

1) Draw one ray and mark the vertex.
2) Place the protractor so that the center is on the vertex and 0°
is on the arm.
3) Measure from 0°, and mark a point at the degree
measurement you are constructing.
4) Remove the protractor and draw the other ray of the angle.

Constructing a Angle With a Compass

To construct an angle with a ruler and a compass watch either of or both of these movies.


Closest to 180 Degrees

Follow the following instruction to play this game.

• Play in pairs or small groups.
• Determine who goes first.
• Player 1 rolls the three dice and finds the product of the three numbers rolled.
• The product is the number of degrees of the angle.
• Player 1 draws the angle rolled using a protractor and ruler.
• Player 2 repeats.
• Player 1 draws the next angle on the ray of the previous one and keeps a
running sum of the angles as each is added.
• Player 2 repeats.
• Players take turns rolling the dice, drawing angles, and finding the sums.
• A player stops rolling when they think their total angle is as close as it can get to
• The winner is the player closest to 180°.