Drawing a Net for Rectangular Prisms and Square Pyramids

Drawing a Net For Rectangular Prisms and Square Pyramids

What is a Rectangular Prism?

A rectangular prism is a three dimensional solid having two identical parallel base. All other faces are rectangular.
external image RectangularPrism.jpg

What is a Square Pyramid?

A square pyramid is a pyramid with a square base.

external image square-pyramid.png

What is a Net?

A net is a pattern that can be be folded to make an object.

external image Cubenet.gif

Video This video will explain how to draw the net for a rectangular prism and a sqaure pyramid...enjoy!!


Draw a net for the shapes in the video (a square pyramid, and a rectangular prism)

Square pyramid
1.Draw a square base~each side being 4 cm. long
2.Draw a 5 cm. line in the middle of each edge.
3.Draw a line going from each corner of the side to the top of the 5 cm. line
(do this each side)
4.Now erase the middle line on each side.
5. Repeat on all sides
6. You now have a square pyramid to fold!!!
Rectangular prism
1.Draw the faces (a-d) as shown in video each being 14 cm. long and 4 cm. wide side by side.
2.Draw the faces e-f as shown in the video~two small squares on each side of any of the faces you have already drawn.(4 cm. both long and high)
3.You now have a rectangular prism to fold!!!