What is a net?
A net is a pattern that can be folded to make an object.
Net for a Cylinder
Net For A Triangular Prism

What is a triangular prism?
A triangular prism is formed when a triangle is translated in the air so each side of the triangle is always parrelell to its original position.

What is a cylinder?
A cylinder is a solid with two parellel congruent circle bases.

What is the difference between 3 dimensions and 2 dimensions?
2D-is flat (if you turn it to its side it will look like a line.)
3D- has 3 dimensions: width, length, and depth (if turned to the side you would still see the shape)


3d_prism.gif 3d_prism_1.gif


Your assignment will be to fold your net and then to draw your own net using the instructions from the two videos below.

How to Fold a Net Into a 3D Shape

How To Draw a Net For a Triangular Prism and a Cylinder

Link For Isometric Dot Paper