What is an Angle?

An angle is two rays that share the same endpoint to form an angle. The point where the two rays intersect is called the vertex of the angle. The two rays are called the sides of the angle.


What is a Protractor?

A protractor is a device for measuring the angle between two intersecting lines. The angle is measured in degrees,and a circle is defined as having 360 degrees of identical size.


How to Measure an Angle with a Protractor?

Angles are measured in degrees.

Step 1. The zero line of the protractor needs to be lined up with one side of the angle.
You read the set of numbers from your zero line on.

Step 2. To draw an angle of 50 degrees first draw a line segment that is to be the one side of the angle.

Step 3. Then put the protractor so thats its zero line matches with your line segment and that the vertex is in place.

Step 4. Now put a mark at the 50 degree point.

Step 5. Then take the protractor off and draw a line through your mark.

Using a protractor