Math 8 Geometry
Welcome to the geometry wiki for our grade 8 math class.

We will use this space to collaborate during our geometry unit. Each group will be responsible for adding a page to our wiki. Each page will deal with a concept in our unit. Once the pages are created, each group will teach their concept to the rest of the class.
Tessellations Project

With your partner, please select one of the following for your page.


3 D Shapes

types of angles
types of triangles by side
vertices and edges of 3D shapes
measuring angles with a protractor
types of triangles by angle
draw a net for a rectangular prism & square pyramid
vertically opposite angles
find unknown angle of a triangle
draw a net for a cylinder & triangular prism
complementary/supplementary angles
area of a triangle

similar/congruent angles
construct a triangle with a compass

find an unknown angle given other angles

construct angles of a given size